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Two major categories of paper cutter knife machinery
- Aug 10, 2018 -

With the current technological innovations, the performance of various products has been greatly enhanced compared to the past. No matter in any industry, without innovation, there is no driving force for sustainable development. Therefore, only by deepening and perfecting more aspects can we continue to survive in the market. In this regard, we will talk about the current booming paper cutter.


The so-called paper cutter, as the name suggests, is the machinery needed in the middle and late stages of the printing process. It is responsible for cutting the printed paper to meet the requirements of the user. With the deepening of informationization and the extension of automation, today's paper cutters have gradually realized the operation of mechanical automation operations. Of course, the paper cutter also has multiple classifications. For daily use, the paper cutter has machines such as a toilet paper cutter, a paper cutter, and a tissue paper cutter. In so many consumer-use paper cutters, the difference between a tissue paper cutter and other paper cutters is the use of a band saw to achieve a finished roll paper according to the required length and width. In addition to paper cutters for daily use, there are also industrial paper cutters, such as electric paper cutters. These machines are mainly used for cutting industrial paper and other products, but what type of paper cutter is selected, Still need to know as much as possible about which product the product is used for, so it is convenient to find suitable paper cutter equipment.