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The abrasion problem of planer cutting knife
- Sep 02, 2018 -

In the application of planer cutting knife, wear is inevitable, but we can slow down its wear in some ways to improve its service life, which requires us to understand the factors influencing its wear.Generally speaking, the back surface wear of the planer cutter is the most frequent wear mode of the blade of the high speed planer, which can be regarded as the normal wear of the blade of the planer. The increase of the width of the abrasion belt of the rear blade will result in the loss of cutting performance of the blade of the planer. The micro-chipping blade is a small notch on the cutting edge of the blade of the planer. It is often found in intermittent high-speed cutting.In addition, a common abrasion of a planer blade occurs when the blade touches the edge at the back of the blade of the planer blade.