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How to choose the material of the shredder blade?
- Jan 04, 2019 -

Telling from the soft and hard of the crushed material

Let's talk about hard plastics, such as automobile bumpers, plastic shells for used household appliances, plastic bottles, etc. Customers who crush this material can choose high-speed steel series with high hardness, while steel products can greatly reduce the price of blades. Ordinary all steel is more than 2 times durable, the other is Cr12mov, cr12mov> inlaid front steel according to performance comparison. The price is generally cr12mov than steel, but the service life of good steel is much larger than cr12mov! However, due to the technical problems of the inlaid shredder blade, some manufacturers' shredder blades are prone to steel, corners, and severely smashed steel, which directly scraps or even damages the machine. Therefore, customers should choose carefully when inserting steel blades.

Another kind of plastic film, waste lunch box, plastic bag, soft material, or very thin material. If the hardness of the shredder blade is not high, the blade will not work well if it is slightly blunt, and the crushed material is pure. Inlaid front steel is definitely the most cost-effective, followed by Cr12MoV, of course, one of the most durable, that is, tungsten steel, the hardness of this kind of material is far greater than the above mentioned blade material, the wear resistance is also doubled. But the price is also much larger than all the above materials.

The last kind of smashing material is rubbish. Many garbage station pulverizer materials are doped with various stones, metals, iron sheets, screws, etc. These materials will greatly damage the blade, but the gap will be weak, and the blade will be broken directly. In consideration of the cost of use, it is recommended to use alloy spring manganese steel. The blade adopts U-shaped screw holes. Customers who often cut the knife can customize the elliptical hole, and the blade is thickened, which can also solve such problems.