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The excellent performance of the crusher blade is more competitive in the market
- Aug 07, 2018 -

The performance of the crusher blade and the chipper blade is relatively stable, and the scope of application is particularly wide. The blade is also convenient in transportation and storage process, and there is no need for too much. The market competitiveness is very strong, only the product quality is improved. Opening up new markets is the road to development today.


Only crusher blades can dominate the market. Why is this? Because the range of applications for crusher blades is becoming more widespread, the current market for mechanical blades is dominated by a wide variety of mechanical blades. Its excellent performance and low cost make it more competitive in the market.


First of all, the crusher blade has excellent energy for its material. Because of the different materials, their various properties are different. Different materials have different properties. Some have a high hardness and are suitable for cutting high hardness materials. Some have high temperature resistance and are suitable for cutting boards that produce high temperatures. There are also some toughness and some of the different melting points are based on the effect of metal synthesis of different materials.


Secondly, the crusher blades and chipper platen blades have excellent energy properties in terms of their precise material mix ratio. The more types of synthetic metals. The more complex the ratio, the more it will affect the life of the blade. Some metals with better chemical stability are fused in the middle, and there is a slight difference in the ratio. The performance of the blade is not obvious and it is not easy to be detected. If it is a chemically active chipper platen and the metal with poor stability is fused, it must be proportioned according to strict proportions. Once you accidentally mismatch, it will greatly affect the performance of the blade.


Third, the crusher blades are inexpensive to manufacture. As long as the material and proportion of the blade are mastered, a qualified blade can be manufactured. In addition, such synthetic metals occupy a relatively large proportion in the proportion of steel, aluminum and other more common metals, in general, will not use expensive metals. Therefore, the price is not expensive.