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What is the reason that the pressure plate of the paper cutter does not return
- Aug 08, 2018 -

What causes the pressure plate of paper cutting machine not to return to position:

1. Electrical fault: 2~3 travel switches are usually equipped behind the driving mechanism (turbine box, gear drive, etc.) of the paper cutter. One of them is mainly used for cutting blade after it passes the lowest point. The other one is used for the highest point stop model. When the travel switch and the contact position are not correct, the cutter will not stop at the highest point (in this case, only the contact or travel switch position can be adjusted to remove the fault.

2. The brake failure, the cutter gear (turbine box, gear transmission, etc.) input, must have a brake configuration, when the brake pads wear or clearance will cause cutter can't stop in the highest point (adjusting clearance or replace the brake pads can solve), or the clutch disc has a binding, cause return is not flexible, open the brake parts, clean oil to solve).

3. Hydraulic failure, in the new factory, hydraulic piston not back to the lowest point, use after a period of time, the surface of the piston back to the lowest point after running-in, paper weight position caused by too high (generally think that the blade is lower than the press paper bottom), the processing is the most simple way, most manufacturers will be in the piston head setting a lid, we only need to thicken the lid can be solved. The general parameter is that when the top cover is thickened by 1mm, the presser decreases by about 1.4mm.