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The role of plastic shredder blades in the renewable resources industry
- Jul 30, 2018 -

The rapid development of the economy and the deepening of the urbanization process have led to more and more garbage, and the most plastic bottles and used tires in the garbage. So what should I do with this garbage? The most straightforward is the use of plastic shredder blades to break up these reusable waste into small particles for recycling and reprocessing into other plastic or rubber products. The used tires can be processed into rubber particles using a rubber shredder blade, and finally made into rubber powder. The plastic bottle is processed into plastic particles by a plastic shredder blade, and after being sterilized and further processed, it can be turned into a plastic bottle to continue to be used.


In waste garbage, rubber is the most used in addition to metal. It is called “black gold” in garbage. After being recycled, it can be used as a rubber buffer wall, rubber track, sole, etc. It is widely used. Plastic bottles can be turned into plastic cups, plastic pots, plastic trash cans, plastic bottle caps, etc. in daily life through plastic shredder blades and other series of streamlined production.


Needless to say, the shredder, injection molding machine are the most equipment in the industrial park, and the plastic shredder blade and the rubber shredder blade also play an important role in it. The blade is the strong tooth of these machine tools. Through them, the garbage is turned into zero, and then deep processing.