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What are the types of plastic cutting blades in the plastics machinery industry?
- Jul 29, 2018 -

In the plastics processing industry, waste plastic waste is recycled into new plastic pellets to process other plastic products. Plastic waste is pulverized and reworked by machinery, which requires the use of plastic blades. There are several types of granulators, shredders, pelletizers, and crushers used in the production of plastics. The shredder and the crusher are different mechanical names.


The plastic knives used in the above machines are also different in shape. The blades used in the granulator are cylindrical, and like pineapples, they are also called pineapple knives. The shredder blades used on the shredder and crusher are elongated and open on one side. The granulator blades used in the granulator are the smallest of the three knives. The general length is also less than 10 cm. It is also an opening. The plastic is extruded and then hot cut. As a kind of mechanical parts that are indispensable in plastic processing, plastic blades bring convenience and efficiency to the processing of plastics, and are easy to replace and use.


If the type of plastic is a plastic film, the smashing of the blade requires a high hardness and strength of the blade of the shredder blade, and the members of the most plastic knives in the steel blade play a great role. Inlaid steel blades are divided into two types: inlaid alloy steel and inlaid front steel. Compared with all steel blades, such plastic blades have great advantages in cost, and are highly praised by plastic film processing enterprises.