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The scope of the various wood chipper blades
- Jul 20, 2018 -

The size of the chipper is different for different sizes of the chipper, and the length is not limited. The chipper blades used are different.


Compared with similar products, the processed material can be larger in diameter, and the logs can be directly cut directly within 500mm. The large chipper can be designed to reduce the number of times the logs are used, and the processing efficiency is greater. The diameter of the cutter head is expanded to more than 3000 mm, and the capacity of the rotating motor reaches 800 kW.


For the selection of the size of the equipment, it can be selected according to the materials that you generally process. If there are generally small diameter wood, branches, small tree rolls, small wooden boards and other materials, there is no need to choose a large diameter mouth. If the processed material is mainly logs and the diameter is more than 20 cm, then it is recommended that you choose a new type of chipper. Generally speaking, the new wood slicer produces 8 hours as a typical load.