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How to determine the inner diameter of the slitting blade and the coordination of the cutter shaft?
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Make sure that the power voltage is 380V before you check whether the foot switch is connected. When running, please put down the transparent protective plate, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to people during operation. The upper axis (tool mounting axis) is the reverse tooth, the nut should be rotated counterclockwise, the middle axis (glue loading wheel axis) is the front tooth, the nut should be rotated clockwise. If the machine is used inappropriately or continuously, please check whether the slitting blade is damaged or the slitting blade is used for too long. If you are sure, please change the blade. If there is no problem with the slitting blade, please check whether the rubber wheel is damaged or not. If the cutting is uneven in the surrounding environment of the damaged rubber wheel, please change the rubber wheel.


The same general parameters of metal slitter: machine weight: about 1.5 tons; Speed: inverter stepless speed control; Configuration size: 2m wide, 2.6m long and 1.2m high; Cutting width category: Max. 350MM; Cutting thickness category: 0.15-2.5mm; Winding diameter categories: practice for Φ 200 mm; Winding diameter categories: practice Φ maximum 600 mm; Quality separation accuracy: + / - Subsection number category: below 15; Power: 5.5kw; Width after slitting: more than 10mm.


Before cutting the material, determine the width of the material. Please adjust the width of the randomly configured gasket and cut it. For example, if you want the size of 10MM, the gasket width of the inner liner should be 9MM. Loosen the left firmly to mediation or in gaskets, blades and iron, but in practice this step please loosen the strong gasket nut, and then take out your firm seat, such restraint the shaft bend; The distance between the tool shaft and the glue shaft is mediated by two handwheels above the machine. The rotary and stop of the machine is controlled by the foot switch of the slitting round blade. The slitting blade above the glue shaft and other rubber wheels are consumables that need to be changed regularly to avoid bad cutting results.