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Material for circular slitting knife
- Jul 26, 2018 -

A: Material and process: The selection of materials such as: (9CrSi, Cr12MoV, LD, SKD-11, SKH-2, SKH-51, M2, W6Mo5Cr4V2 (SKH), tungsten steel, etc.) as raw materials. The cutting precision and cross-cutting tools have higher precision requirements, the cutting resistance is the smallest, the wear resistance is the largest, and the cutting edge is sharp and durable.


B: Product performance and use: the product undergoes strict quality control, high temperature heat treatment to remove internal stress and prolong working life. Circular slitting knives are mainly used for slitting of paper, tape, tape, film, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, and alloy foil. These high-grade metal foils require high precision, no burr and no crease, so it is difficult to cut.


Production process of slitting circular blade:


Material selection - selection according to customer requirements


Casting — Casting is primarily about increasing the density of the material while creating unnecessary hardness.


Annealing — Allows the hardness to drop rapidly for finishing.


Finishing - Mainly processing the blank.


Quenching — Increases the hardness of the molded product.


Insulation - In order to increase the wear resistance of the product, it is necessary to keep it warm for a long time.


Initial grinding — grinding the surface oxide layer of the product.


Fine grinding Mirror grinding - to improve product accuracy, gloss, parallelism, etc.


Inspection — Rejecting non-conforming products into the market.


Packaging — Different packaging according to different products.


Finished product — to be issued.


Application of slitting circular blade:


1. The cutting machine circular blade is mainly used for the cutting of paper, film, gold, silver foil, aluminum foil, copper foil, tape, etc., requiring the blade to have the least resistance to cutting and the highest wear resistance, in order to meet the requirements of the precision of the goods. The blade must have a micron accuracy when it has time;


2. The cutting circular blade material is selected to import SK5 steel, the steel has high hardness, good heat resistance, fine grinding, sharp blade, high elasticity and not easy to deform;


3. The slitting blade is suitable for the wide application of slitting upper and lower blades and papermaking, paper products processing, adhesive tape products, film, wire and cable, rubber, aluminum foil, chemical fiber, non-manufactured cloth, composite packaging materials, telecommunications appliances, cigarettes, Leather, printing, food and clothing industries.