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Problem Resolution of Industrial blade
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Special statement: All the following problems occur under the premise that the tungsten steel round knife is qualified. If the quality of the tungsten steel round knife itself is unqualified, the analysis of the following problems is not valid.

1. Tungsten steel round knife is fast to use and its life is seriously shortened.

Generally speaking, the same enterprise should have a relatively stable life span under the premise that the grade of tungsten steel round knife material is unchanged, the phase change and the hardness are stable. If the life of the round knife drops sharply, the reasons should be found from the following faces:

1) Whether the grinding wheel diamond particle size configuration is reasonable:

The fineness of the grinding wheel is too fine to sharpen the cutting edge. However, the grinding wheel diamond particle size is too coarse and the tool is fast.

2) Too many sharpening times, long grinding time, too much grinding pressure?

In the case where the blade and the grinding wheel are properly assembled and the blade edge is sharpened (with an angle of 25 to 32.), the tungsten steel round knife does not need to be frequently ground. The usual situation is that the blade is not correct, the blade edge is not repaired (or the blade edge angle is too small), and the cut cardboard has a burr and has to be repaired frequently. This severely shortens the life of the blade.

2. The cut corrugated paper has a sag and a burr

1) The tool is not sharp, and the blade is not ground when grinding. The inspection method is to see if the cutting edge is a small white line, indicating that there is no blade front, and the grinding should be adjusted;

2) The corrugated board is too wet and does not reach the hardness and strength required for slitting.

3, tungsten steel round knife fragmentation

1) If the blade is broken after a trial run or assembly after a short time of assembly, the blade assembly is unreasonable. The blade should be assembled in the center, avoid colliding or rubbing against any hard object, or be asymmetrical when repairing the cutting edge;

2) If the blade is broken after being used for a relatively long period of time, it is often caused by friction when the adjacent attachment of the blade is loosened, or the blade of the blade is stuck, etc., so the tungsten steel knife should be inspected during use, especially when looking at the blade. There are no traces of friction on the large surface;

3) Accidental collision.

4. The sawtooth or notch appears in the edge of the tungsten steel round knife after grinding.

This is because the grinding wheel is loose or the bearing is stuck, and the grinding wheel is not smoothly operated. The outer circle of the round knife is sometimes not round and polygonal, and may cause a broken knife when it is serious.